Dark Blue And Navy Coats

Stylish Blue Coats For Fall And Winter

Wool Blend Pea Coat in Navy BlueI love navy coats and own quite a few of them, navy looks smart and compliments lots of other colors, this makes a navy coat a great addition to a fall or winter wardrobe.

I have noticed that people are much more polite when I wear mine, I get a lot of 'yes Madams' and doors held open for me, which does not happen when I am wearing other colors. I love that when I throw it on I look smart straight away! 

I have picked out some examples that I really like, some of the coats are really inexpensive, I have highlighted these designs in the section directly below, although there are plenty of bargains scattered amongst the other coats on this page.

Low Price Navy Coats

The coats in this section are the lowest price I could find, these designs are not cheap looking at all, and a good choice if you don't want to spend lots on a coat this winter.

Vintage Style Double Breasted Swing Coats In Navy

These vintage style double breasted swing coats are tres chic! Love the smart and tailored look, which would be perfect worn with a full skirt, or dress. The first coat is on my 'must have' list. It is not expensive (under $100) and right now on sale for half that price (though the sale only lasts 1 more day: as of 09/04/2014.)

The second is a similar style but a little more subtle. I think I would wear the first coat with trousers, and the second with dresses, as that style is a little more feminine. Both of these pretty swing coats come in navy blue, or cream.

Lady Swing Lapel CoatLady Puff Sleeves Swing Coat

Navy Pea Coats

I have a navy pea coat which is similar in style to the third coat below. I like to wear mine with jeans and boots for a comfortable but smart look, it also looks good with leggings and boots too.  Pea coats like any military style coat, are tailored, elegant looking, and great for wearing with work clothes.

Some OF My Favourite Trenches

A trench coat can make a pair of jeans look very slick! These coats are fall into two distinct groups, those for fall weather or those rare days in winter when it gets warm, and thicker woollen trench coats that are warm enough for winter. (provided you don't live in the Arctic Circle or anything like that of course!)

These coats are tailored and generally belted at the waist - good for wearing with work clothes as well as casuals.

Super Cute Navy Wool Blend Coat

I really like the color on this navy coat. This coat is nice because it goes nicely with both smart, and casual clothing. It is also nice and warm, and roomy enough to fit a jumper underneath.

A Cute Cupcake Costume For Halloween?

Babycake Cupcake Costume
Why dress as a cupcake? Well, they're are very fashionable at the moment, not to mention so very yummy. They come in pretty candy colors and are topped with a variety of super cute details, such as cherries, sprinkles, and frosting.

Not for the faint hearted, these fun outfits are super colorful, short, and sexy, and will definitely get you noticed! Not many people will be dressing as cakes so go on, start a trend in your neighbourhood.

This one is a bright blue and pink design, with plenty of cute little details, I like the pink stripes on the front of the dress, and the underskirt, which has a multitude of candy colors in it.

Sugar and Spice Cupcake Costume

It is clear to see why this lady is the queen. I love this delux costume and if you are looking to dress up with a friend this year, this one would go very nicely with the costume above.

Premier Sexy Cupcake Queen Costume - Sexy Costumes

Slideshow Of Cute Cupcake Costumes

These cuties come in pink color schemes,they are very girly, the dresses have cake prints on them and are accented by polka dots, ribbons, or bows.

Cupcake Shoes

To complete a cupcake costume what better than a pair of cupcake design shoes? Here are two great pairs of high heels of that celebrate cakeage! 

Baby Pink Motif Shoes - Costume Shoes Sweets My Sweet PT Plat - Multi 8.5

These Wigs Are Perfect!

A candy wig is a quick and easy way to get the right look to go with your outfit. Go for a shade which compliments your outfit, and if in doubt chose a color that features in the outfit. Pick out a shade which is an accent color in the outfit, rather than choosing a wig the same as the main color.

Easy Earring DIY - Daily DIY Challenge

Make A Pair Of Beaded Loop Earrings

This is a nice easy earring DIY, I make a lot of jewelry and lately have been making these cute beaded loop earrings. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, it all depends on the size and style of beads that you use.

You will need:
  • Tiger tail wire
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 2 Fish hook earring wires
  • Jewelry pliers or small electronics pliers
  • Various beads

Steps To Make These Loop Earrings

  • Cut the tiger tail into 2 8cm pieces.
  • Thread beads onto the tiger tail, keeping hold of one end to keep the beads falling off. Remember that the ends will be the top of the earrings, so the beads need to be smaller.

  • Loop the beaded wire so that the wires meet at the top, and slide a crimping bead down the two wires. 

  • Loop the ends of the two wires and push back down into the crimping bead. Use pliers to make the loops equal and, then to squash the crimping bead, which will hold the loops. 

  • Cut the loose ends with jewelry wire cutters or sharp scissors, attach the earring wire, and you are done!

                                                                                                                More Fashion DIY's

9 Sexy Slashed Back Tops

Shirt To Top D.I.Y - Daily D.I.Y Challenge (more pics to come...)

Make A Tie Back Halterneck From An Old Denim Shirt

This shirt to top DIY is one of my own, which came about when I messed up a previous idea that I had. Luckily my partners denim shirt was sooo huge I had plenty of fabric to play with after the 'accident'. I did say that I would not be doing any sewing but I changed my mind.

Men's Denim Shirt To Top Tutorial 

Basically the neckline of the top is made from the back of the denim shirt turned upside down, so that the rounded bottom hem makes the neckline.

The collar and top of shirt are removed to just under the arms. The front fabric of any pockets is also removed.

The strip of buttons and the strip of button holes is also removed neatly, using the seam as a guide. These will be put aside to make a halter neck for the top.

The shirt is then folded in half horizontally, use chalk to draw the line of the top of the shirt onto the bottom, then cut along this line. If you like you can fold this edge twice, tack and sew, or fray it, it's up to you.

The shirt is unbuttoned and laid out flat then the front panels cut 11 times, equal width cuts, up until the seam that joins the front to the back of the shirt. Mark the lines out in chalk first.

Put the top on and have someone tie the first fabric ties at the back of the garment so that the top fits, then use pins to attach the strip of button holes around your neck, like a halter top. - Make sure that you can fit this halter over your head otherwise the top will be impossible to put on and take off, alternately, sew the halter onto the front inside of the denim top, or attach it to the front using buttons and the holes already in the strip.

Pull out all of the loose bits of cotton from the cut strips at the back of the shirt to make frayed denim...this part takes ages... Snip off any long dangling threads.

Next a zip or elastic panels will have to be added to the sides of the top. Denim is not known
for it's stretching quality, and when the ties are tied the top becomes impossible to take off. Therefore some sort of opening is needed.

I went for a zip down the side of the top. I had never sewn a zip on before but it was easy. I just cut down the side of the top, tacked the closed zip in place with pins, then hand stitched it onto the garment. I used a nifty gold zip.

I am still working on the top, hopefully will be able to add a completed pic later.

                                                                                                                  More Fashion DIY's

Vintage Fashion Looks Re-Created

Dress Like A Vintage Pin-Up For September

Every month I will be running one of these age fashion looks re-created. They will be specific for each month with seasonal clothing etc.

I will post a picture of a vintage pin-up then try to re-create her look with fashions available today. This months pin-up is this fabulous lady, she looks like she has been out and about in the countryside, possibly fruit picking!

She is wearing some sort of fitted peasant blouse, brown leather belt, a knee length A-line floral skirt, white low heel sandals, and a large country style straw hat.

I could not find a similar shirt, but the peasant blouse I found will have the same low cut effect when tucked into the skirt and secured with the belt.

The sandals I have picked out have a less chunky heel, just could not find chunkier sandals in white.

The pinup picture used is in the public domain

No Sew T-Shirt D.I.Y - Daily Fashion DIY Challenge

Make an oversized T-shirt into a funky ladies top. - For the first of my fashion DIY daily challenges I decided to go for something simple, a no sew t shirt DIY. I found this neat no sew T-shirt tutorial on the web (which I followed but altered slightly), and thought it would be the perfect way to upcycle a mens t-shirt that was too small for my partner.


I really loved the dragon design on the T-shirt so it was great to be able to make it into something I could actually wear. I intend to color in the dragon picture with some fabric pens too, I want to make it much more colorful with reds, greens, and blues for the dragons scales.


1. Cut under one sleeve in a straight line the to the collar of the t-shirt (as shown in pic 2) then cut around the remaining sleeve to remove it.

2. Use a fitted top laid over the front of the T-shirt to measure where your shoulder is. Mark with chalk, then trace down the side of the the fitted top with chalk, this line will be your guide.

3. Cut slits in the front of the T-shirt until you reach your traced line. As in pic 3. 

*I did double the cuts than I've shown in picture 3 which gave thinner fringing details, I tried it with the thicker cuts first, but wanted thinner tassles. 

4. Cut along the inside of the cut strips to turn them into ties. Tie up the shoulder ties and secure with a double knot, put the top on, then tie the rest of the side ties tightly

Back Of T-Shirt

                                                                                                                 More Fashion DIY's

10 Short Sequin Dresses For Under $100 And How To Keep Em' Sparkling

A short sequin dress is perfect to wear during the holiday season, sleek, sparkling, and full of sexy fun, sequins are one way to out shine the holiday decorations.

As you might imagine, a sequin dress can be really expensive, I saw some to-die-for examples for $1,000 and above, but I don't have thousands to spend on a sequin dress no matter how much I want it, so I have concentrated on beautiful sparkling dresses under $100.

The dress in the pic to the left is on sale right now at 80% off (limited sale offer) which makes it well under the $100 mark. Yay!

Below are 9 more lovely short sequin dresses that will bring a sparkle to the holiday season, without making a huge dent in your wallet! Oh and some tips on looking after a sequin dress, so that it stays looking fab.

How To Care For A Sequin Dress

I have an amazing sequin dress and want to keep it looking amazing, there are a few things that I do to care for it.

  • Keep the dress in a garment bag when hanging in the closet.
  • Wash the dress inside out and inside a delicate garment bag - (a net bag used to wash delicate items of clothing.)
  • Wash on a cool wash and a low spin setting.
  • Never put a sequin dress in the tumble dryer.
  • Pay attention to the label, if it says dry clean only have it dry cleaned.

Daily Fashion D.I.Y

I have decided that I will give myself the challenge of a daily fashion DIY or fashion up-cycling project. This means that starting from tomorrow I will be making or re-purposing something for my wardrobe every day... Unless I fail miserably at everything I try and become depressed and give up of course.

This could be jewelry, clothing, bag, shoes, hats, or hair accessories - I am useless at sewing with a machine, though I do own one, so I will be hand stitching if I have to sew.

I am quite excited about the prospect of my daily fashion DIY and just hope that I can keep it up. I already make my own jewelry, re-purpose shoes, and have dabbled with a few easy sewing projects re-purposing jeans, making wallets, and converting a shirt into a basque type top. I just have to remember to keep away from the sewing machine and all will be fine I'm sure.

Some Of My Previous Fashion DIY's And Re-purposing

Re-Purposed Handbag

Hand made Amethyst Pendant


DIY Blinged Up Shoes

10 Cute A Line Mini Skirts For Under $50 - Most Are Under $20 :)

Cheap As Chips And Just As Tasty!

Cheap mini skirts that look a million dollars, not much to ask for right? Well,... most of the cute A line mini skirts here are actually under $20 and all are under $50.

An A line mini skirt is ideal for summer, and can transition to Spring and Fall too, because as well as looking great with summer tops and bare legs, they look just as awesome with tights and a blazer.

A line mini skirts can be dressed up or down, the model in the pic to the left is wearing a dressed up mini, which with the white lace top that she is wearing, looks smart and dressy.

Dressed down, an A line mini skirt looks good when worn with a vest top, crop top, fitted halterneck top, or fitted tee.

10 Cool Costume Ideas For Badass Women

Cool Women's Costumes

One of my favorite things in the whole world is looking at women's costume ideas, I could literally spend all day doing it! Today I have been looking at cool costumes for Women. As you will see as you move down the page I started off in an aggressive mood, adding some bad-ass costumes... I softened a little bit, adding a pretty rainbow unicorn costume to this bunch of ladies that kill, lol!

Sexy Ninja Costume

My first cool costume is a sexy ninja, this highly trained lady will kick her way into the party and swiftly dispatch all guests, not much of a party now is it? Never mind ninja lady will silently leap roof to roof to find a new party.

Sexy Deadly Ninja Costume

Sexy SWAT Lady Costume

SWAT lady certainly looks like she is in control of the situation, with her tight pants and sexy costume, the criminals would probably drop their weapons just as soon as they saw her, I'm sure their jaws would drop too...

Sexy SWAT Agent Costume

Angry Army Babe Costume 

As the army babe costume suggests this army major has major PMT and anyone in the vicinity is going to pay! With her riding crop and pissed off expression you know she is not about to go pet horses. Bend over you party goers, this Army babe is going to whip up a storm.

General Punishment Adult Costume

Steampunk Vampire Costume

This sexy steampunk costume is one of the more unusual, it is actually a steampunk vampire costume and has all kinds of cool cog details. Why wear a regular vampire costume when you could be a steampunk vampire!

Sexy Spider Costume

Spiders don't usually strike me as sexy, anything but. BUT this spider costume is definitely sexy and also very cool! There is a lot of attention paid to detail and I love the bat wing skirt.

Webbed Mistress Costume Medium

Robin Hood Costume

Robin Hood was a nice guy, but he still knew how to savage a Sheriff and shoot peoples eyes out. Of course I don't recommend these actions whilst wearing this sexy Robin Hood costume, light spanking should be sufficient to render any assailants unconcious.

Racy Robin Hood Costume - Ultimate Collection

Gorgeous Gladiator Costume

The model for this sexy gladiator costume has been channeling a real gladiator in preparation for the costume shoot. You can see the nerves and trepidation in her face as if she is getting ready to fight a lion. Hopefully no angry lions will be at the Halloween party, she will just have to fight people away from the bar instead.

Sexy Gladiator Costume

Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Neigh, neigh... it's a rainbow unicorn. I was once offered one of these by Squidoo R.I.P, it never arrived but I did get 0.15c instead. The model in the costume is pulling the same face as me when I found my rainbow unicorn was not forthcoming, boo :(

Fantasy Unicorn Sexy Costume

Sexy Snow Viking Costume

Snow vikings are way cooler than ordinary ones. boom boom!


Awesome Sexy Pirate Costume

The last of my cool costume ideas is this stupendously sexy pirate costume. I was not going to add a pirate but this costume was the prettiest I have seen, and pirates are certainly bad ass. This lady does   not even need a sword or gun, she looks like she could kick someone to kingdom come in those boots alone.

High Seas Treasure Adult Costume