I Wish People Would Stop Picking on the 'Prom Bat' Girl!

I think the outfit she wore for prom was amazing! Fair enough, she has not got her model pose down yet, but neither did I at 16 years old! Did anyone notice what an awesome figure this girl has, much jealous!

We all have unflattering photo's taken of us, and yeah, a lot of us are ribbed by friends, and it's a laugh. But imagine those photo's spreading round the whole internet and everyone talking about you, not nice.

I was going to post my own unflattering photo's in support, but I have of course binned them, lol! My grandma is the only one who has the really embarrassing photos. So here's a photo of me looking very pale, and being stupid at work in a china shop when I was 18!

And this one at a wedding, looks like I've just wandered in randomly from a festival, clutching a drink. It was when the bride threw the boquet, of course it headed straight for me, I could have easily caught it, but I stood back and there was a scrum to get the boquet. (the folk law is the person who catches it marries next)

Blue Prom Dresses - A Riot of Beautiful Blue Gowns

Find A Beautiful Blue Dress For Prom

I have hunted out the most fashionable blue prom dresses, and ball gowns in a myriad of shades of blue, dress styles, and lengths. If you love the color blue, and are looking for a knock-em-dead blue dress for prom, read on, you won't be disappointed!

A blue prom dress will look most amazing when teamed with gold, silver, or matching blue shoes. Other colors that look good with blue are red, yellow, pink, orange, aqua, and neutrals. Check out the some of the patterned blue prom dresses in the slideshow below and see how the different colors in the dresses work with blue

Sixty Gorgeous Blue Prom Dresses - A Slideshow!

This slideshow showcases sixty gorgeous blue prom dresses and evening gowns. There are knee-length, floor length, and also a selection of cute short blue prom dresses amongst them. I have picked out blue dresses in a range of prices, to view each dress price use the mouse to scroll over the slideshow.

Short Blue Prom Dresses

3 Pretty Short Blue Evening Dresses To Get The Party Started!

These three short blue prom dresses are pretty cute! The first is a stunning blue chiffon dress, it has a beautiful pattern on the bodice, which is picked out in rhinestones.

The second is made mesh, with metallic embroidery and beadwork, it has a flower and peacock feathers applique detail, which runs down the bodice and down onto the skirt.

And the third a dazzling number, made from  organza and silk, this one has a rhinestone detail bodice, with large bow under the bust. All three dresses have nice full skirts, which just scream PROM!


Three Pretty Light Blue Dresses For Proms

The three pretty pale blue prom dresses below are all studded with sparkles! The first is a very structured dress,  this cute little dress is made from very light blue organza, with a lace-up back (corset style back) and fitted bodice that is scattered with darker blue sequins.

The second is a flirty little number, this dress is also very light blue organza fabric, with a classy, scrolling floral pattern picked out on the bust in silver.

The third little blue prom dress is made from organza, in a light sky blue color. The bust is fitted and slightly rouched, with gorgeous rhinestone details on the bodice of the dress.

 Two Short Prom Dresses in Mid-Blue and Aqua 

Two short and flirty dresses, both very different, the first a tight fitting number, with gorgeous ruffled, rosette, fabric details on the shoulder and skirt. The main dress color is a dark aqua, bordering on mid-blue, with complimenting floral fabric panels, and sparkling sequins. This is an unusual but cute prom dress!

The next is a vision of aqua and lime/light green. These colors work well together and make for an interesting dress. The fabric is Soft Tulle, with beautiful sequin details on the bodice, a rhinestone ring on the green belt, and larger sequins sparkling in the skirt.

Floral Hem And Strap GownShort Strapless Overlay Prom Dress

2 Short Navy Prom Dresses

The 1st dress is one of my favorites on this page, I love the dark blue color, and interesting leaf details on the skirt and shoulder of the dress. The dress has a very plunging neckline and I suspect tape would be needed to hold that bust in place!

The next short navy prom dress is an understated but beautiful dress, it has a sparkling necklace neckline, slightly rouched bodice, and flowing skirt, this one is made from polyester.

One Shoulder Dress With Leaf PatternNecklace Strapped Short Dress With Mesh Train

Pretty Short Blue Prom Dresses With Patterns

Dress 1 - I like the purple and blue color scheme of this cute little dress. The navy blue, floral patterned bust, is sprinkled with dainty beadwork, the skirt explodes into a riot of purple and fuchsia zebra print. With a blue and purple overlay. The dress is tulle with a ruched satin waistband in purple.

Dress number 2 has a cute ruffled hem, and tight fitting bodice with an iridescent pattern. The dress is made from organza, with sequin detail fabric.

Playful Patterned Frock Featuring Sweetheart Neckline And Patterned Skirt With Tulle Overlay.Iridescent Cocktail Dress With Ruffled Hem

Free Fashion Coloring Pages

A growing resource of free printable coloring pages for kids, I have tried to cover most of the fashion basics first, such as beautiful dresses, hats, and some exciting fashion scenes for you to beautify. I will be adding many more soon, and more of my own designs.

All of the coloring pages here are free to print and color, plus I have added some fun fashion design, crafting, and fashion e-books too, which can be purchased.

The image in the picture is one of my designs, that I am coloring, you can find this design to print further down the page.

For Fashionistas Of All Ages! 

If your child loves colorful and beautiful clothes then these coloring pages are ideal, nurture this young interest and you may have a fashion designer in the family in later years! The fashion inspired coloring sheets on this page cover a wide range of gorgeous outfits, with many patterns and cute details to color....

Prom Dress Coloring Sheet

I designed these prom style dresses for kids to color in, one has flowers dotted on the dress, and the other has stripes and circle motifs. See how many different effects your child can get by coloring the same dresses differently.

Three Cute Dresses To Color

Three cute little dresses, these are like short style party dresses and have polka dots, hearts, and gemstone details on them.
Fashion Coloring Pages - Dresses 

These fashion coloring pages feature pretty dresses, with a variety of different patterns and cuts, dresses coloring pages are some of my faves, especialy the detailed ones.

Bow Party Dress  This fashion coloring page has a pretty dress, to print and color, this dress has a tiered skirt and a pretty bow detail on the top of the dress.

6 Dresses Fashion Coloring Pages 6 gorgeous dresses to print off and color, all kinds of styles, including some modern dresses.

Lady In An Old Fashioned Dress A pretty dress coloring page showing a lady wearing a beautiful old fashioned dress.

Simple Dress To Color a flamenco style dress, it has nice bold lines and is great for younger kids to color.

Swirly Dress Coloring Page a model from behind, wearing a swirly pattern dress.

Girl On Stool In Dress A model sitting on a stool wearing a flowery dress

Pretty Tiered Summer Dress With Flowers 

Historical Dress Coloring Books 

These superb historical dress coloring books feature clothing from days gone by, lots of magnificent historic dresses to color, which are suitable for adults and kids.

Fashion Scenes - With Model Outfits And Backgrounds 

These fashion coloring pages feature fashion models and detailed backgrounds, when colored they make beautiful works of art that your child can hang on the wall.

Summer Fashion Coloring Sheet I love this summer fashion coloring page, it shows a lady wearing summer fashions surrounded by parrots and other tropical things, great for advanced colorers and older kids.

Japanese Fashion Coloring  This page featurse a Japanese girl all dressed up and looking pretty, she is carrying a cute monkey.

Teenage Fashion Coloring Page This great coloring page features a teenage girl with a dog, lots of details for older kids to enjoy coloring.

Super Cute Fashion Show Coloring Page Really cute coloring page showing 3 models on a cat walk

6 Model And Clothes Fashion Coloring Pages These fashion coloring pages show a model wearing 6 different outfits

Skirt And Top Fashion Coloring Sheet

Skirts And Tops 

These cute skirt and top pictures can be colored, designed upon, or even accented with glitter. After each page has been colored why not see if your child can draw their own outfit inspired by the coloring pages..

A Pretty Skirt Fashion Coloring Page This page features a pretty summer skirt, with bands around it.

Skirt And Top Fashion Coloring Page fashion coloring sheet shows a modern nice outfit, consisting of a skirt and top.

Cute Blouse Coloring Page cute page which shows a blouse with a pretty heart detail on the front.

Fashion Coloring Books 

These fashion coloring books are more geared towards adults than kids, they have lots of fashionable details and are great for whiling away a boring evening at home.

 Coloring is very calming and therapeutic, and so is fashion!

Learn To Draw Fashion Designs

This simple video shows you how to design and draw fashion and clothing items. 

Beautiful Patterned Ball Gowns And Patterned Prom Dresses

Taffeta Gown With Multi-Colored RosettesI am a great lover of patterns, especially on prom dresses and ball gowns! A patterned prom dress can give you all sorts of 'looks' colorful and fun, elegant and refined, sexy and wild, there are all kinds of awesome patterns and prints to suit any mood or occasion!

I am always on the hunt for more amazing patterned gowns to add to this page, so expect this collection to grow.

All of the dresses here can be purchased online, (just click on the pictures for all of the dress details. Some of them are also available in other colors too.)

Two Of My Favorite Pattern Ball Gowns

These two beautiful gowns are two of my favorites on this page. The peacock gown is really lovely, I really like the blue color of the dress, with its yellow overlay, and the peacock detail on the bodice, is to die for!

The second dress is a stunner too! I like the way it is quite delicate as far as pattern ball gowns go, but still has plenty of color and interest. Both of these designs would make awesome prom dresses.
One Shoulder Peacock Inspired GownFloor Length Gown With Sweetheart Cut Neckline

Colorful Tropical Flower Print Ball Gowns 

Wow! These tropical flower print ball gowns are a riot of fabulous colors. If you want to stand out, a dress like this will ensure of that!

Taffeta Organza GownBeaded Print Gown

A Tropical Smoothie Prom Or Evening Theme 

 I used the two dresses (shown above) to create this colorful, tropical prom theme on Polyvore. It shows which accent colors can be picked out from the dresses, and suggests shoes to compliment the theme.

Tropical Smoothie Prom Theme

Tropical Smoothie Prom Theme by stylishimoarts

 Gorgeous Floral Evening Dresses 

I want the first dress here, the green and blue flower print evening gown! Why? Well, I love the colors, the dress is very eye-catching, yet muted enough to be worn anywhere. I also love the way the flower print runs along the bottom of the dress, and the detailing on the waistband is gorgeous.

 The second dress is a beauty too, it has pink and red tones, and a pretty floral pattern that runs throughout the fabric of the dress.

Strapless Watercolor Floral Prom DressStrapless Long Gown With Sweetheart Cut Neckline

Floral print evening dresses don't have to be all-out color, the two dresses below are fine examples of muted flower patterns. These flower pattern dresses focus on just a few colors to draw together their scheme, I like the way the colors compliment and work with each other.

I have no idea what the model is doing with her leg in the second pic, I tried to do it myself as it looks an impossible stance, guess what? I fell over :0

Strapless A-Line Prom Gown With Embellished WaistMulti Colored Printed Long Gown

Soo Pretty! Black Floral Pattern Gown 

Flowers And Vines Strapless GownAnother amazing floral print prom dress, this beautiful monochrome design is called 'Flowers and Vines' it's by BG Haute, and I have to say I WANT IT! NOW!

This dress is a mixture of elegant, exciting, classy, sexy, interesting, and beautiful! All rolled into one! It is such a statement dress that I would go very light on the accessories, delicate silver sandals would be lovely.

Gorgeous Animal Print Ball Gowns 

I love, love, love, these two beautiful leopard print prom gowns below! I really like the colors used (I know I keep saying that, but I am an artist, and I love color!) What I love about these colors are that the designers have used the kind of colors that you would find in a Savannah, or Jungle, which really, really works with the animal print.

 These dresses prove that leopard print can be very classy!

Flowing Animal Print GownOlive Patterned Gown

Two Very Different Zebra Print Dresses

The first dress is a classy black ball gown, with a beautiful zebra inspired bodice, I love the way the flower details on this dress cascade down the front! Quite an unusual dress and very pretty.

The next dress is a really interesting combination of sunflowers and zebra print. The prints on this dress work really well together, and make for a unique evening dress. I like the colors used here too, perfect  for summer.

Jeweled Floral And Animal Print Prom Gown  Strapless Flower Gown

Interesting And Sophisticated Pattern Ball Gowns 

I think both of these pattern ball gowns are pure class, with a modern twist of course!

The first black ball gown is stunning enough to be worn as a wedding dress too, black wedding dresses are gaining in popularity at the moment, and this would make a nice one.

The second pink patterned evening dress is lovely, a jewel encrusted bodice and pretty pink ribbon accent at the waist, leave you in no doubt that this is party time! The model looks overjoyed to be wearing it!

Strapless Jeweled Bodice Prom GownStrapless Formal Prom Gown With Jeweled Accents And Full Print Skirt

If you have not tired of looking at gorgeous patterned evening dresses yet, I have a slideshow of 80 beautiful patterned prom and evening gowns here. This includes shorter dresses, and a huge variety of patterns and prints.

Shoes To Match A Pattern Ball Gown Or Pattern Prom Dress 

If you are going for a pattern ball gown or pattern prom dress, you want your dress to have the most impact, I would suggest wearing a pair of shoes in one color, and not patterned shoes.

 Choose a color from out of the pattern on your dress and pick a pair of shoes to match, if you find this hard then go for gold, silver, rhinestone, or black shoes.