Smart Casual For Fall - My Style

Blue Skinny Jeans - Tan Suede Ranch Boots - Waterfall Zip Jacket

Love My Waterfall Zip Jacket (and it loves me:)

17 Pairs Of Creepy Shoes For Halloween

Awesome Halloween Heels

These funky heels are perfect for Halloween, if you want to make a statement you can wear them with a costume, or for a more subtle evening or daytime look, just wear the shoes with a regular outfit of your choice.

Most of the shoes on this page are not fancy dress shoes, which means that they are well made, comfortable, and many are made by well known designers such as 'Iron Fist.'

These shoes are not only for Halloween, they are fun shoes that can be enjoyed all year round. If you like skulls, bats, and other spooky things, these creepy shoes are going to please you

Patterned Leggings

I absolutely adore patterned leggings and own many pairs. They are great for summer or winter as they seem to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's getting colder here and lately I have been wearing my leggings tucked into cute woollen socks with a chunky black jumper, and they have kept me nice and toasty.

I have a lot of patterned leggings, my faves are really comfortable, with a lycra and polyester blend fabric. I think that's one of the main reasons I love these items of clothing, they are just so darn comfortable!

Butterfly Costumes

Butterfly costumes are wonderful bright affairs, they are eye-catching, sexy, and come in many colors and styles. Some of them are based on actual species and some are make believe, all are gorgeous!

The way each of the costume designers has portrayed the butterfly is interesting and unique, some use the black of the wings to pick-out sections of the dress, and some incorporate the wings into the actual skirt or bodice.

A butterfly costume is ideal for any dress up holiday, party or situation where you want to stand out from the crowd, the majority of the costumes here are short, but I have managed to find some very nice longer versions too.

80s Costume Ideas

The 80's was a fun and exciting era for me, I was growing up and was old enough to get to wear a lot of the colorful 80's fashions. Due to films like Flashdance and Fame it seemed like everyone wanted to be a dancer in those days, my friends and I used to get dressed up in our bright neon outfits and dance to the popular songs in her garden, we would even show up for school rockin' our neon leg-warmers!

It's fun to re-create those times with a cute 1980's costume, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia to look at these in-your-face outfits, and I keep being struck by how much fun we used to have getting ready in the 1980's, and how much color played a part in our outfits. I do like neon colors.....

Pinup Costume Ideas

Get The Sexy Pin-Up Girl Look With A Vintage Style Costume

Vintage and retro is very 'in' right now, if you are into your vintage fashion and have a costume party coming up then it might be a nice idea to dress as a pinup girl. Pinup costumes are well cut and very evocative of the 1940's.

A pin-up girl costume should be cheeky and sexy, the pinup girl look is very polished and one of wholesomeness and health. A large number of pin-up girl outfits feature details from the Army, Navy or Air Force, this is because pictures of girls were sent to soldiers around the world during WW2 to keep spirits up. Pilots would even paint their own pin-up girls onto their planes for luck.

Tan Leather Boots, Sequins, And Suede Blazer - My Style

This is a casual outfit that I have thrown together for Fall. (I am squinting a bit in the middle pic, lol!) the base colors for the look are brown tones and grey. This is a nice comfy outfit for shopping and that is exactly where I am off to in the pics...


How To Make A Pendant From Found Objects - DIY Fashion Challenge

*I am running my daily DIY fashion challenge weekly now as I am really busy at the moment.

Wire wrapped pendants are simple to make (if a little fiddly). The great thing about them is that you can harness almost any found object and turn it into something wearable. I have made wire wrap pendants out of a multitude of items in the past, sea glass, shells, pretty stones, crystals, and even out of pieces of ancient pottery that can be found scattered in the fields near where I live.

Today I will be making a new pendant, I make jewelry to sell, but also like to make it for myself too, I will be making a cute pebble pendant to add to my collection, and showing you how to make one too.

9 Pretty Little Party Dresses

Dresses Coloring Pages

Dresses Coloring For Kids And Adults - With My Own Designs

When I was young, like many a little girl I was obsessed with my mothers clothes, her beautiful dresses in particular. One of my favorite hobbies was to make dress up dolls out of paper with a variety of pretty gowns based on my mothers own dresses. 

Another very satisfying hobby was drawing and coloring beautiful pictures of dresses which I would stick in a scrap book and dream about owning when I was older!

Personalized iPod Touch Case

Add your own pictures and/or text to an ipod touch case, change background colors easily, and create a great custom ipod case that will turn heads!

Dark Blue And Navy Coats

Stylish Blue Coats For Fall And Winter

I love navy coats and own quite a few of them, navy looks smart and compliments lots of other colors, this makes a navy coat a great addition to a fall or winter wardrobe.

I have noticed that people are much more polite when I wear mine, I get a lot of 'yes Madams' and doors held open for me, which does not happen when I am wearing other colors. I love that when I throw it on I look smart straight away! 

I have picked out some examples that I really like, some of the coats are really inexpensive, I have highlighted these designs in the section directly below, although there are plenty of bargains scattered amongst the other coats on this page.

A Cute Cupcake Costume For Halloween?

Why dress as a cupcake? Well, they're are very fashionable at the moment, not to mention so very yummy. They come in pretty candy colors and are topped with a variety of super cute details, such as cherries, sprinkles, and frosting.

Not for the faint hearted, these fun outfits are super colorful, short, and sexy, and will definitely get you noticed! Not many people will be dressing as cakes so go on, start a trend in your neighbourhood.

Easy Earring DIY - Daily DIY Challenge

Make A Pair Of Beaded Loop Earrings

This is a nice easy earring DIY which takes about 15 minutes to complete.

I make a lot of jewelry and lately have been making these cute beaded loop earrings. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, it all depends on the size and style of beads that you use.

9 Sexy Slashed Back Tops

Shirt To Top D.I.Y - D.I.Y Fashion Challenge (more pics to come...)

This shirt to top DIY is one of my own, which came about when I messed up a previous idea that I had. Luckily my partners denim shirt was sooo huge I had plenty of fabric to play with after the 'accident'. 

I did say that I would not be doing any sewing in my fashion DIY's, but I changed my mind half way through when I realized that I would not be able to get the top off without a zip opening on the side.

Vintage Fashion Looks Re-Created

Dress Like A Vintage Pin-Up For September

Every month I will be running one of these age fashion looks re-created. They will be specific for each month with seasonal clothing etc.

I will post a picture of a vintage pin-up then try to re-create her look with fashions available today. This months pin-up is this fabulous lady, she looks like she has been out and about in the countryside, possibly fruit picking!

She is wearing some sort of fitted peasant blouse, brown leather belt, a knee length A-line floral skirt, white low heel sandals, and a large country style straw hat.

I could not find a similar shirt, but the peasant blouse I found will have the same low cut effect when tucked into the skirt and secured with the belt.

The sandals I have picked out have a less chunky heel, just could not find chunkier sandals in white.

No Sew T-Shirt D.I.Y - Fashion DIY Challenge

For the first of my fashion DIY daily challenges I decided to go for something simple, a no sew t shirt DIY.

I found this neat no sew T-shirt tutorial on the web (which I followed but altered slightly), and thought it would be the perfect way to upcycle a mens t-shirt that was too small for my partner, and way too big for me.

10 Short Sequin Dresses For Under $100 And How To Keep Em' Sparkling

A short sequin dress is perfect to wear during the holiday season, sleek, sparkling, and full of sexy fun, sequins are one way to out shine the holiday decorations.

As you might imagine, a sequin dress can be really expensive, I saw some to-die-for examples for $1,000 and above, but I don't have thousands to spend on a sequin dress no matter how much I want it, so I have concentrated on beautiful sparkling dresses under $100.

The dress in the pic to the left is on sale right now at 80% off (limited sale offer) which makes it well under the $100 mark. Yay!

Here are 9 more lovely short sequin dresses that will bring a sparkle to the holiday season, without making a huge dent in your wallet! Oh and some tips on looking after a sequin dress, so that it stays looking fab.

Daily Fashion D.I.Y

I have decided that I will give myself the challenge of a daily fashion DIY or fashion up-cycling project. This means that starting from tomorrow I will be making or re-purposing something for my wardrobe every day... Unless I fail miserably at everything I try and become depressed and give up of course.

This could be jewelry, clothing, bag, shoes, hats, or hair accessories - I am useless at sewing with a machine, though I do own one, so I will be hand stitching if I have to sew.

10 Cute A Line Mini Skirts For Under $50 - Most Are Under $20 :)

Cheap As Chips And Just As Tasty!

Cheap mini skirts that look a million dollars, not much to ask for right? Well,... most of the cute A line mini skirts here are actually under $20 and all are under $50.

An A line mini skirt is ideal for summer, and can transition to Spring and Fall too, because as well as looking great with summer tops and bare legs, they look just as awesome with tights and a blazer.

A line mini skirts can be dressed up or down, the model in the pic to the left is wearing a dressed up mini, which with the white lace top that she is wearing, looks smart and dressy.

Dressed down, an A line mini skirt looks good when worn with a vest top, crop top, fitted halterneck top, or fitted tee.

10 Cool Costume Ideas For Badass Women

Cool Women's Costumes

One of my favorite things in the whole world is checking out costumes, I could literally spend all day doing it! Today I have been looking at some rather cool Halloween costumes for Women.

As you will see as you move down the page I started off in an aggressive mood, adding some bad-ass costumes... I softened a little bit, adding a pretty rainbow unicorn costume to this bunch of ladies that kill, lol!

Dark Costume Ideas For Women

Creepy Halloween Costumes For Women

Halloween is a time for spooky happenings and ghostly fun, make the most of this time of year with a dark Halloween costume.

All of the creepy Halloween costumes and ideas on this page focus on the darker side, amongst these there are un-dead nuns, zombies, and Living Dead Dolls.

Don't worry it is not all blood, ghosts, and gore, there are also costumes that are less extreme and more cute but with a darker twist or Gothic theme, and of course tips on making your own versions at home too.

So grab a cuppa and take a look at my compendium of creepy Halloween costumes for women.

Moroccan Wedding Kaftans (Moroccan Caftan Takhita) - The Most Beautiful And Unique Dresses

These colorful concoctions are the most beautiful and unique dresses that I have seen! Ever! The colors, embellishments, attention to detail, and interesting dress designs, really float my fashion boat! - Can you tell?

These types of dresses are called Moroccan Caftan Takhita, Moroccan Wedding Caftans, or Dress Takhita. They come in an array of unique designs which can be brightly colored or more subtle tones like the black and white dress in the first row of pictures.

As you can see from my selection here Moroccan style wedding dresses can be very different from each other, a few things that they do all have in common is that they are striking, unusual, and highly detailed.

Floaty Kaftan And Tunic Tops - A Last Nod To Summer

As a last nod towards summer, and it's lazy, happy days, I have decided to write about kaftan and floaty tunic style tops. F@@k Fall! I don't want the summer to end :0

Perfect for wearing with swimwear, cut-offs, short shorts, and long flowing skirts, the kaftan is a beach and poolside classic. Everyone should own at least one IMO.

Candy Costume - Sexy Halloween Costume For Women

Candy costumes are colorful and fun, they look good enough to eat, and are great if you are looking for a sexy Halloween costume. You also get to have brightly colored hair which is a must for any candy girl.

The different interpretations by the designers of these costumes are fabulous, with plenty of cute details and candy accents to be seen. There are some delectable outfits to choose from, including figure hugging candy bar dresses, and OTT bright and colorful candy queen tutu style costumes.

Sexy Cat Costume For Halloween

Though the cat costume is nothing new, it never fails to be cute or sexy! If you have never dressed as a cat for Halloween then I highly recommend it.

A cat costume can be complex or simple, they can be easily made at home from low priced items of clothing, like leggings and a vest.

If you want to make your own costume take a look at some of the ready to wear designs on this page, and think of how you could replicate the outfits at home. Of course you will need some cat ears - which are cheap to buy, and a cute cat nose and whiskers - which can be put on with make up.

Decide what type of cat you want be, a big cat or jungle cat, a lucky black cat, or maybe a cute lil kitty.

Beaded Wrap Bracelet

One of the most beautiful and interesting jewelry trends is the beaded wrap bracelet. There are some wonderful examples below, with all kinds of pretty beads and color combinations.

Generally a beaded wrap bracelet is a coil of leather thong, with beads strung across the coils to build up the bracelet. They are real statement pieces and a very versatile piece of jewelry, as many of them are suitable to be worn with casual or formal clothing.

Fruit Print Fashion

Spent a very fruitful day blackberry and plum picking yesterday (during a rather large thunderstorm :0)

I did actually intend to do a 'my style' shoot while picking the fruit and was dressed in fruit print clothing for a sunny day picking plums and blackberries. This was all ruined by the torrential rain, especially when I slipped down a clay bank and into a small river!

Lol, it was quite funny as I was with my neighbour, he tried to save me from slipping but I slid so fast that I dragged him into the mud with me! Both of us lying in a river covered in wet clay getting rained on. - It wasn't the best look, but we did get lots of fruit despite the accident. I seem to be rambling now...