Printable Hats And Hat Templates

Kids - Make Birthday Hats, Dress-Up Hats, And Lots More 

 This page is an ever growing resource of free printable hats, printable party hats, hat templates and other fun hat related crafts, printables, and activities for kids.

 Making paper hats was one of my favorite things to do as a kid, at my school we would have a big party every year, and one of the things that we would do to get ready for it was to make our own hats from paper and card. This was always very exciting because we got to design the hat from scratch and the teacher would provide lots of cool stick-on accents, stickers, ribbons, and glitter, to decorate our hats with.

 Paper hats can be made in lots of ways,and as well as printable hats and hat templates, I will be adding some simple tutorials on how to make some lovely paper and cardboard hats.

Wire Jig Review - Wig Jig Cyclops And Centaur

If you enjoy working with wire, beading, or jewelry making, then a good wire jig is a must. A wire jig allows you to work to a set pattern which results in consistent pieces of jewelry every time. This is especially useful for making earrings where each must be identical.

I recently bought 2 different 'Wig-Jigs' after researching all of the available wire jigs on the market, and I'm really happy with them!

I was previously using a Fiskars Wire Winder, which is also a great jig, but differs to the Wig Jig as it has fixed pegs and you have to buy different design templates. Because of this the designs you can make are quite limited. Also Fiskars have discontinued this item and it has become hard, and expensive to get hold of... Boo Hoo! I had to find an alternative wire jig.

How To Sew Straight

Well, I've dusted off my sewing machine, despite being terrified of it. I intend to become really good at sewing if it kills me. I have already nearly sewn through my fingers when I forgot I had my foot on the pedal as I was threading the needle, then pressed it. :0

All my life I have been using sewing machines, and all my life I have been f#@!#?g up everything I try to make, plus various sewing machines I have broken along the way.

It started off at school, I actually did sew through my own fingers numerous times, and let me tell you a sewing machine needle is huge! Very ouchy! I used to pin my fabrics together then I would refuse to tack (by hand sewing). Instead I decided I would pull out the pins quickly as the sewing machine went along, thus avoiding the need to tack.

Horse Necklace Pendants

Beautiful Jewelry For Horse Lovers

This page features instructions on how to make your own custom horse necklace, as well as a large selection of beautiful horse necklace pendants for you to browse. I have started with sterling silver designs and will progress to yellow and white gold designs at a later date, or maybe in another post.

I am a big lover of theme necklaces and horses are one of my favorite subjects. For me the symbol of a horse evokes freedom, strength, and beauty, and as I can't own one of these beautiful creatures right now, I can wear one instead!

There are many different 'takes' on the horse, classic galloping beauties with flowing manes, cut-out designs similar to ancient chalk drawings, ancient looking horses with angular features, colorful and modern designs, and even groups of galloping horses!

Custom Fashion

The term 'custom fashion' is quite broad, in that there are many ways to design or create your own fashion items to wear, or even to sell. Maybe you want something special and completely unique, or perhaps you are planning your own fashion line but are unsure on how to achieve this at a low cost, this post looks into some easy ways to get started.

White Gold Snowflake Necklace Pendants

Stunning Snow Crystal Inspired Pendants 

These snowflake necklaces have two things in common, they are all gorgeous, and they are all made from white gold, other than that each design is different (just like the real thing!)
There are some lovely plain gold designs which come in all sorts of imaginative flake shapes, and a bunch of very pretty diamond and white gold snowflake necklaces, that will really make the holiday season sparkle!
Snowflakes are without a doubt one of natures most short loved and beautiful wonders, why not capture that wonder forever?

Make A Crown

Free Printable Crowns And Crown Templates - With Ideas On Making And Decorating Your Own Crown

Making a crown is a cheap and fun project for kids to enjoy, it is something that is very creative, and doubly exciting! ~ First is the fun of making it, and second the excitement of wearing it.
Crowns are popular choices for kids birthday parties, and dress-up games. There are lots of different types too, for Kings and Queens, and even for lovers of pink polka dots!
Don't worry if designing one for your child seems a bit complicated, this page has many links to headgear, that can be easily colored and cut out to make a masterpiece that any King or Queen would be proud to wear.

William Morris Fabric Designs

Original William Morris Fabrics And The Wooden Blocks Used To Print Them

Today I had the pleasure of getting up-close to a piece of original William Morris printed fabric, along with the engraved wooden blocks used to print the design. Woot!

The photo to the left shows the actual piece of fabric, a pretty bird and flower design, typical of Morris.

This beautiful fabric is easy to spot, it has a definite style and classic color theme which runs through each design, each is different, yet each is know instantly if a design is by Morris, and that is the proof of a true master.

One of my earliest fashion memories was of my mothers Liberty print bag, it had a scrolling, floral design by William Morris, and it captivated me. I used to trace the leaves and stems around the bag with my finger, kind of like like a floral maze... it was with this same sense of captivation that I viewed these items today.

Deconstructed Denim Skirt (A Work In Progress)

This is a work in progress, I admit it does look a bit incomplete at the moment, but will hopefully grow into something interesting (I was going to say 'beautiful' but I think that's too far fetched!)

What this raggy looking item is going to be is a deconstructed denim skirt. It is made from a pair of jeans, which I cut across at the crotch, to make the skirt waistband, and long strips of denim from the legs of the jeans (cut in half length ways), which I have been pinning onto the waistband to form the skirt.

Pic 1 shows the skirt with 1 strip of denim pinned - Pic 2 shows it with 3 strips of denim pinned 


Some of the strips have been folded and others are woven around each other, at the moment each strip is secured with pins because I want to be able to easily change things before I begin to sew.  - I've changed the design at least 4 times, I think it flows nicely now though.

I wanted to see block and triangle designs in my skirt, (formed by the different shaded denim) and one of the main design problems that I had to overcome was that I would get carried away, forget about flow, and then random irregular shapes would appear and ruin the look of the design.

Dress Like A Pin-up For October

Octobers pin-up is a dab hand with a lasso, here she is chilling out on the ranch looking very pleased with herself indeed! I would too if I owned horses. Momma never bought me a pony...:(

This lady is wearing high-waisted trousers, which look like denim, black cowboy boots with gold details (looks like she has tucked and rolled her jeans before putting on the cowboy boots), thin leather belt, and a short sleeve fitted shirt, which she is wearing tucked into the trousers. (it looks a deep orange tone, almost red)

Cheap Red Heels

 Low Price Red Heels Plus Ideas For Jazzing Up An Old Pair

These cheap red heels have been chosen for not just for their great value, but how good they look too, I don't want any cheap looking red heels here, just gorgeous ones that happen to be low priced! All of the shoes here are hand-picked and many of the awesome low priced red heels are actually in the sales, with really good savings on them.
Red shoes always cause a stir, and are a favorite for nights out, just think, if you spend less money on the shoes, you can spend more on having fun!

Funny Fashion Memes - Stuff I Do When I'm Bored!

I have become addicted to making funny fashion memes :0 Well, 'funny' is subjective so I apologize if I am just not funny at all, hahha! Seriously though, this is a lot of fun, I am clearly spending too much time alone!

Cheap Black Heels

Gorgeous Black Heels For Low Prices

This page features all kinds of cheap black heels, these shoes are all under $50, so won't break the bank. I have chosen a range of cheap black heels that don't look cheap at all, in fact many of them are quite beautiful!

I have split the shoes up into styles because that's how I roll :) One of my many hobbies is jazzing-up shoes, so you will also find some cute tutorials, and ideas on how to re-vamp a pair of low priced shoes to really make them awesome.

Black heels look good with any outfit, they are the most versatile shoe color that there is, and will never go out of fashion, those are three very good reason to invest in a pair, even if they are low priced ones :)

Armageddon Fashion - Don't Do It!

Every time I look at this Polyvore set of mine I feel nervous...

You see, I made this set the night that a comet was going to pass close to the earth... There was a lot of talk of it going off course and wiping us all out, so I decided to try to calm my nerves by picking out a day and night look for the event.

Cheap White Heels

Low Price White Heels, White Heels On Sale, And Ways To Re-Vamp Old White Shoes

White heels are very popular, they are always nice to have in the closet,and are suitable for a whole host of occasions and outfits because they look great with all other colors.

The cheap white heels on this page are stylish, beautiful, and of course very inexpensive. I have split the shoes into styles, and am always on the hunt for more cheap white heels to add, I hope you enjoy what I have found so far.

No Sew T-Shirt To Cute Tank DIY

This T-shirt was given to me by a Rastafarian guy who's website I am helping to build. It is pretty random in it's design, with a line drawing of lifeboat men. Not something I would pick out at all TBH.

Hmmmm, I thought as he gave it to me, my mind swirling with ideas of chopping it here or there...,

This is a no sew t-shirt tutorial, and is really easy to complete, all you need are; a sharp pair of scissors, ribbon or cord, and a large t-shirt.

17 Pairs Of Creepy Shoes For Halloween

Awesome Halloween Heels

These funky heels are perfect for Halloween, if you want to make a statement you can wear them with a costume, or for a more subtle evening or daytime look, just wear the shoes with a regular outfit of your choice.

Most of the shoes on this page are not fancy dress shoes, which means that they are well made, comfortable, and many are made by well known designers such as 'Iron Fist.'

These shoes are not only for Halloween, they are fun shoes that can be enjoyed all year round. If you like skulls, bats, and other spooky things, these creepy shoes are going to please you

Patterned Leggings

I absolutely adore patterned leggings and own many pairs. They are great for summer or winter as they seem to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's getting colder here and lately I have been wearing my leggings tucked into cute woollen socks with a chunky black jumper, and they have kept me nice and toasty.

I have a lot of patterned leggings, my faves are really comfortable, with a lycra and polyester blend fabric. I think that's one of the main reasons I love these items of clothing, they are just so darn comfortable!

Easy Rhinestone Wedge DIY

Turn a pair of cheap wedges into pretty rhinestone prom shoes, with this easy tutorial. 

I found these cork heel wedges in a cheap shoe store for just $18 and jazzed them up with rhinestone accents. The rhinestones cost just $3, and it only took one hour to complete the pair.

For this rhinestone shoe tutorial you will need, UHU glue, rhinestone strips or single rhinestones, and a pair of heels to up-cycle.

Butterfly Costumes

Butterfly costumes are wonderful bright affairs, they are eye-catching, sexy, and come in many colors and styles. Some of them are based on actual species and some are make believe, all are gorgeous!

The way each of the costume designers has portrayed the butterfly is interesting and unique, some use the black of the wings to pick-out sections of the dress, and some incorporate the wings into the actual skirt or bodice.

A butterfly costume is ideal for any dress up holiday, party or situation where you want to stand out from the crowd, the majority of the costumes here are short, but I have managed to find some very nice longer versions too.

80s Costume Ideas

The 80's was a fun and exciting era for me, I was growing up and was old enough to get to wear a lot of the colorful 80's fashions. Due to films like Flashdance and Fame it seemed like everyone wanted to be a dancer in those days, my friends and I used to get dressed up in our bright neon outfits and dance to the popular songs in her garden, we would even show up for school rockin' our neon leg-warmers!

It's fun to re-create those times with a cute 1980's costume, and it gives me a sense of nostalgia to look at these in-your-face outfits, and I keep being struck by how much fun we used to have getting ready in the 1980's, and how much color played a part in our outfits. I do like neon colors.....

Pinup Costume Ideas

Get The Sexy Pin-Up Girl Look With A Vintage Style Costume

Vintage and retro is very 'in' right now, if you are into your vintage fashion and have a costume party coming up then it might be a nice idea to dress as a pinup girl. Pinup costumes are well cut and very evocative of the 1940's.

A pin-up girl costume should be cheeky and sexy, the pinup girl look is very polished and one of wholesomeness and health. A large number of pin-up girl outfits feature details from the Army, Navy or Air Force, this is because pictures of girls were sent to soldiers around the world during WW2 to keep spirits up. Pilots would even paint their own pin-up girls onto their planes for luck.

Tan Leather Boots, Sequins, And Suede Blazer - My Style

This is a casual outfit that I have thrown together for Fall. (I am squinting a bit in the middle pic, lol!) the base colors for the look are brown tones and grey. This is a nice comfy outfit for shopping and that is exactly where I am off to in the pics...


How To Make A Pendant From Found Objects - DIY Fashion Challenge

*I am running my daily DIY fashion challenge weekly now as I am really busy at the moment.

Wire wrapped pendants are simple to make (if a little fiddly). The great thing about them is that you can harness almost any found object and turn it into something wearable. I have made wire wrap pendants out of a multitude of items in the past, sea glass, shells, pretty stones, crystals, and even out of pieces of ancient pottery that can be found scattered in the fields near where I live.

Today I will be making a new pendant, I make jewelry to sell, but also like to make it for myself too, I will be making a cute pebble pendant to add to my collection, and showing you how to make one too.

9 Pretty Little Party Dresses

Dresses Coloring Pages

Dresses Coloring For Kids And Adults - With My Own Designs

When I was young, like many a little girl I was obsessed with my mothers clothes, her beautiful dresses in particular. One of my favorite hobbies was to make dress up dolls out of paper with a variety of pretty gowns based on my mothers own dresses. 

Another very satisfying hobby was drawing and coloring beautiful pictures of dresses which I would stick in a scrap book and dream about owning when I was older!

Personalized iPod Touch Case

Add your own pictures and/or text to an ipod touch case, change background colors easily, and create a great custom ipod case that will turn heads!

Dark Blue And Navy Coats

Stylish Blue Coats For Fall And Winter

I love navy coats and own quite a few of them, navy looks smart and compliments lots of other colors, this makes a navy coat a great addition to a fall or winter wardrobe.

I have noticed that people are much more polite when I wear mine, I get a lot of 'yes Madams' and doors held open for me, which does not happen when I am wearing other colors. I love that when I throw it on I look smart straight away! 

I have picked out some examples that I really like, some of the coats are really inexpensive, I have highlighted these designs in the section directly below, although there are plenty of bargains scattered amongst the other coats on this page.